My professional focus

Since about 2016 my professional focus has been in the areas of API Management, this has been fun and exciting, and has led me to branch out and learn a lot more about related areas and technologies that I am listing below.

By now I am well versed in these areas and more specialized in some, but you can always learn more!

API Management


In the area of API Management Security, I have focused on implementing various security patterns and working with API security as a product to unlock the potential of API management.

This includes many of the popular Oauth2 grant types to support different use cases, but more importantly Oauth2 Authorization Code with the use of OpenID Connect extension.


My contributions to API Management Platform have been centered on making the best use of the API platform by scaling it to reach the desired outcome through optimization of the platform design and workflow.

I have also developed templates that follow design principles to make it easier for developers to participate in the API ecosystem.

API Design


I have contributed to the API Design area by delivering guidelines and guiding material to a growing developer community. The aim of these guidelines is to standardize how APIs are developed and ensure that APIs are easy to use and well-documented. These guidelines have helped developers to create APIs that are both consistent, scalable and secure.


I have provided mentorship and technical leadership to projects that work with developing and integrating complex APIs. By sharing my experience and knowledge, I have helped teams to design and implement APIs that meet the business needs while also aligning with best practices in API design and the guidelines for the organization.

In addition as part of my roles I have often provided hands-on coaching on how to achieve a secure design using the security guidelines and practice of the organization.



My contributions to DevOps have been centered on making use of DevOps pipelines to improve efficiency and quality.

By incorporating automated checks and tools in the pipeline, organizations can save time and resources while also ensuring that their code is of the highest quality.


I have also continuously reviewed the DevOps workflow to ensure that it is fully supporting our needs and made or suggested changes to optimize the workflow. This has helped to ensure that the DevOps process is streamlined and effective.



In the area of Development, I have created several tools to support different use cases for the organization. These tools include bridging the gap where an out-of-the-box API platform is missing functionality, correlation of artifacts in the system, cleanup tools, template deployment tools, and more.

Developer Portal

I have also designed and developed a tailor-made developer portal oriented around APIs as products.

This portal includes self-service tools that support efficient onboarding and a significant amount of user experience design to ensure that developers can easily access and use the APIs they need.


To support many of the other areas listed above, I have designed and developed many REST APIs with varying complexity, including both synchronous and asynchronous operations.

These APIs have played a critical role in helping the organization achieve more for less.